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Hollister Survey: If you want to earn a $10 discount coupon in just a minute, then take the Hollister Survey on www.tellhco.com. Participate in the Hollister Guest Satisfaction Survey to give your precious feedback and earn various exciting rewards.

Have you ever gone for a shopping spree at Hollister Company, also known as HCo.? Are you HCo.’s regular customer or have you shopped at their store only a few times? Did you ever realize while shopping that most of the clothing items like tops, trousers, suits, etc, at their stores, were manufactured in 1922? Such clothing items or accessories at the HCo. stores have a tag of the year 1922 attached to them. People all around the world say that HCo. was launched in 1922, but is this fact really true or just a rumor? Let’s read the full article to find out the truth.

Mr. John M. Hollister and his son John Jr. are the founders of this famous clothing brand. Both of them loved surfing more than anything and thus, they decided to start a surf shop in the early 1920s which turned out to be quite successful. In the late 19th century, the brand name became famous as Hollister Co. John includes his love for surfing.

He was basically from Yale and completed his primary, secondary, and higher education from that place itself. After completing his studies, he migrated to the West Indies to settle there and bought a rubber plantation there. He met a girl there, fell in love with her, got married, and had an adorable kid with her.

Yes, you guessed it right! That kid is John Jr., who grew up to gain a powerful love for surfing just like his father and later, launched a surfing store together with his father. 

This story sounds very sweet and cute to every listener. But, what if we told you that this story is completely fake that the company has always told its employees? Isn’t this ridiculous? But, why did the company lie to everyone all around the world? Let’s see.

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The Real Story of Hollister Co.

Hollister Co. is a well-known brand based on lifestyle products which launched its first store in the year 2000. Yes, the belief that the brand was established in 1922 is completely false.

You must be wondering about the reason for spreading this rumor by the company. The reason is that the company thought that 2000 is a number that will not attract people’s attention and the number 1922 will surely do so and will help the company gain solid goodwill among its customers and employees.

So, they adopted this technique of using the story we described in the previous section to build a good reputation in the market and leave every employee and customer stunned. But, no matter what anyone says, the reality is that Hollister Co was established on 27th July 2000 by Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

During its initial business operations, the company focused on serving the teenage population, so it produced and sold casual clothes for them. Due to this decision, the brand became quite popular and likable among the youth in the United States of America around the year 2008.

The Hollister Co. initially started its operations in Columbus and now, it has expanded its branches to California, New Jersey, Georgia, Ohio, and Kansas. The company has grown so much that now it has 578 retail stores across the USA, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Canada, UK, and South Korea.

As we know already, the brand is very famous and reputable among teenagers and they are the brand’s regular customers. We can say that this brand is their favorite clothing brand and has never failed to win their hearts by providing attractive apparel.

How was your overall experience?

The company has launched a well-structured and systematic customer satisfaction survey to record and analyze the opinions and feedback of its customers known as the “TellHCO Survey”. The brand aims to take the suggestions from its customers by introducing this online survey portal and improve on the areas it has been not doing well in till now. For example, it can help them to provide better services and superior product quality to its customers.

About TellHCO.com


The company just wants to get your honest feedback to rectify its mistakes or appreciate its achievements. The feedback may be good or maybe bad, it doesn’t attract any negative consequences to you. The portal is www.tellhco.com on which you can share your experience with HCo. by answering a few simple questions about the brand’s services, products, in-store experience, etc you received during your recent visit to any of their stores.

The brand wants to retain its old customers as well as attract new customers, so loyal feedback from its loyal customers can help it to understand the actual needs of the customers and plan and implement different strategies related to quality, services, employee behavior, hospitality, etc. Hence, you will be asked questions related to these topics and the company expects you to be honest with your suggestions.

Hollister Co. Customer Rating based on feedback

Customer service 4.2 /5
Cleanliness 4.2 /5
Product Quality 4.0 /5
Wait Time 4.0 /5
Overall Rating 4.1 /5

More about the TellHCO Survey

When you take the survey you will realize that the Hollister survey is the shortest survey ever. You just need to answer a few simple questions and give your feedback on various parameters mentioned in the questionnaire, which will help you have a personalized experience the next time you visit their store because the company will have rectified and modified its operations. The brand will also provide you with a $10 discount coupon after the short 10-minute survey completion which can be redeemed to buy your favorite apparel of yours at a Hollister Co. store.

The TellHCO.com Survey: Eligibility Criteria and Requirements 

Here are a few eligibility parameters that a survey-taker needs to fall under. 

  1. One must be a legal permanent resident of the USA to take the TellHCO survey.
  2. The age of the customer must be 18 or more than 18 to participate in the survey.
  3. The survey has to be taken online through a phone or a PC with good internet connectivity on www.tellhco.com only.
  4. The employees and their family members cannot take part in the Hollister Co. survey in any case.

The TellHCO Survey: Rules and Regulations

A certain set of rules have been laid down by the company that must be followed by the customer who is taking the TellHCO survey.

  1. The customer must have an approved invoice from any of the HCo. stores in the USA.
  2. One invoice will be accepted for a single entry.
  3. The $10 discount coupon can be redeemed only on a purchase of $50 or more.
  4. The discount coupon is redeemable within 30 days of taking the survey only.
  5. The HCo. in-store coupon can’t be linked with any other HCo. survey coupon you possess.
  6. The TellHCO discount coupon can’t be exchanged for cash or sold to a third party.

Steps to Take the 

Taking the TellHCO survey is effortless in which you just have to share your opinions and in the end, you will earn a $10 Hollister Discount Coupon for your next purchase.

Step 1: Purchase apparel from the store first.

Step 2: Visit the website www.tellhco.com.

Step 3: Enter all the details that the portal asks you to fill.

Step 4: Answer all the survey questions honestly.

Step 5: Type the TellHCO survey code given on your purchase bill.

Hollister Survey

After you are done with all these steps, the $10 Discount Coupon will be displayed on your screen and you can redeem it during your next purchase at HCo.

Frequently Asked Questions(People Also Ask)

1.What is the minimum amount of purchase I need to make to redeem the $10 discount coupon?

-You need to purchase goods worth a minimum of $50 to get a discount of $10 on your item.

2.How much time does it take to complete the TellHCO survey?

-You don’t need to worry about the time as it will not require more than 10 minutes of your time to complete the survey.

3.How to take the TellHCO survey?

-You just need to go to www.tellhco.com and answer the questions mentioned in the survey.

4.Are there any eligibility criteria to take the survey?

-Yes, there are a few requirements like you need to be 18 years of age or above, and a few more requirements that we have already mentioned in this post before.


If you love sharing your opinions about any of your experiences, then the Hollister Survey is the best chance for you to express your opinions freely and earn a reward for doing the same. The survey can be taken on www.tellhco.com and it would not consume much of your time and effort. All you need to do is answer a few questions honestly and win a $10 off Hollister Discount Coupon that will benefit you during your next purchase with the brand.

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