Play Monopoly Collect and Win Game to win over $200,000,000

Imagine how amazing it would be if you get a chance to win gifts only by playing games. So, here is an amazing opportunity for you where you can earn exciting rewards by playing a monopoly game with the Albertsons shop. They have launched this golden opportunity for the 9th time in a row. During the whole year, they will be awarded gifts worth $200 Million or more to the winners of the monopoly game series.

The worth of prizes is twice what it was in the previous year. So, we would say no one should ever let go of this amazing chance to take part in the monopoly game to win exceptional rewards like cash prizes worth $1 Million with extra holiday packages, interior decoration, luxurious cars, trips with the whole family worth $1 Million.

You must make up your mind quickly to participate in the monopoly game with Albertson’s shop so that you do not miss out on this lucky chance. So, go to the website right now to play the game and open the doors for yourself to enter into the sweepstakes of winning various rewards including $200 million and other attractive gifts.

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Rules to enter the Play Monopoly Collect & Win sweepstakes


The Albertsons Shop has laid down a few stringent rules that a participant must know before participating in the monopoly game sweepstakes.

  1. The date for participating in the Monopoly Game Sweepstakes starts on 1st January 2018.
  2. The value of the total prize is worth more than $200 Million.
  3. The age of the participant must be 18 years or above that to qualify for the sweepstakes.
  4. This monopoly game sweepstake has been introduced and sponsored by the Albertsons shop.
  5. One person is allowed to make only one entry in the sweepstakes.
  6. The participant must have a working email ID and if he/she doesn’t have one at all, then he/she must create one.

Play Monopoly Sweepstakes Participation Guide

We know you must be very curious by now to gather more information about the Monopoly game sweepstakes, so we will now walk you through the whole process of participating in the sweepstakes to win grand prizes. 

The first option available to participate in the sweepstakes is by playing a Monopoly game and for starting with it, the first thing you need to do is sign up on

Once you register yourself on the Play Monopoly Game portal, you can now play the game. Once you finish playing the game, just follow the steps mentioned on your screen and be sure that you have already entered the sweepstakes. If you win the sweepstakes, you can win $200 Million cash or other prizes like makeovers, family vacations, etc.

How to get a Play Monopoly Game Ticket?

You need game tickets to participate in the Play Monopoly Collect & Win game, so for your knowledge, we would like to tell you that the official entry tickets can be acquired in only 2 ways: by purchasing and without purchasing (for free).

Once you receive your entry tickets, you can go to the sweepstakes webpage to start with the game. You must showcase your gaming skills and score as high as possible to increase the chances of your victory. 

You can get your entry tickets by sending your card to the address provided by the shop.

By purchasing: You can purchase a Reward ticket package products from a participating Albertsons, Safeway, Pavilions, Carrs, Vons, Randalls, Arrow, Pak ‘ n Save, Tom Thumb, ACME Stores, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s Supermarkets, Star Markets, United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, Albertsons Warehouse, Lucky (Southern California only) and Super Saver stores to earn a free ticket to the Monopoly game.

A customer can earn only one game entry ticket from each participating store and one ticket for each transaction. You need to buy 10 qualified items in a single purchase to earn a free entry ticket. Only one transaction every 3 hours is allowed here.

Note: Online purchase is not eligible for earning game entry tickets. The products eligible for winning a free ticket don’t include scratch cards, alcohol, tobacco products, and goods banned by law.

Without purchasing: Write your first and last name, postal address including city name, state name, and zip code on a 3×5 inches card and post it on the address given below.

“MONOPOLY MON-09 Collect and Win Game Ticket Request,

Attn: Promotions Coordinator,

P.O. Box 965158, Marietta,

GA 30066.”

You can earn up to 2 game entry tickets including a primary ticket and a bonus ticket by participating in the game contest.

Once you receive the entry ticket to the game, unfold it to find: a unique offer bid, one online sweepstake promo code, Supermarket Gift voucher as an instant reward, Bonus Food Promo Code or two Free Game Tickets Coupon codes along with four-game indicators to be used for the monopoly game board.

Ways To play and win the Monopoly Sweepstakes 

  • Instant discounts and prizes: If your ticket says that you have won an instant reward voucher, then you are a receiver of an instant award.
  • Monopoly sweepstakes and the online game: If your ticket has a unique online code, then you can gain extra online benefits, so go to to enroll yourself on the portal.
  • Enter the 12-digit code you have to see if you have won any competition.
  • Via Mail: You can post your promotional code to check if you have won any lottery with all your details at the following address.

“MONOPOLY Sweepstakes,

P.O. Box 441208,


GA 30160″

Collect and Win Game: If your ticket gas stickers, then paste them on the relevant prize play area on the game board and if you complete a section of the board then you can win that specific prize.

Details of Rewards of Monopoly Sweepstakes

Details of Prize Of The Sweepstake at

If you’ve already participated in the game of monopoly. Your name will be applied to the contest. After the registration period comes to an end, the organization must reveal the details of the champions.

172,017,713 number of Instant Win Game Prizes
Reward Items Reward Cost and Worth Number Of Rewards
Cash $10,000 3
Grocery Gift Card $5,000 5
CASH $5,000 5
Grocery Gift Card $1,000 50
Grocery Gift Card $100 1,500
Grocery Gift Card $50 2,600
Burger King Gift Card $25 5,000
MasterCard Gift Card $25 5,000
Visa Gift Card $25 5,000
Microsoft Xbox Gift Card $25 3,000
AMC Theaters Gift Card $25 2,000
GAP Gift Card $25 2,000
JCPenney Gift Card $25 2,000
Macy’s Gift Card $25 2,000
Nike Gift Card $25 2,000
Fandango Gift Card $25 1,000
Regal Cinemas Gift Card $25 1,000
Domino’s Gift Card $20 2,000
Rouxbe Cooking School NA 14,000,000
Grocery Gift Card $10 25,000
Grocery Gift Card $5 200,000
Free Product NA 97,751,550
Two Free Game Tickets NA 60,000,000
325,338,010 numbers of Online Game Prizes
Reward Items Reward Cost and Worth Number Of Rewards
Cash $10,000 10
Grocery Gift Card $1,000 50
Grocery Gift Card $500 200
Grocery Gift Card $200 500
Grocery Gift Card $100 1,000
Grocery Gift Card $50 5,000
Grocery Gift Card $25 31,250
Rouxbe Cooking School $24.99 1,000,000
Nickelodeon 40-pack Oliver’s labels $21.99 300,000
Nickelodeon 12-count Oliver’s labels $5 600,000
Fandango Reward Tokens NA 272,500,000
Google Play Dora ebook, Dora’s Big Buddy Race 99¢ 180,000
Google Play Dora ebook, Meet Kate! 99¢ 144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Pablo! 99¢ 144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Naiya! 99¢ 144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Emma! 99¢ 144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Alana! 99¢ 144,000
Two Free Game Tickets NA 50,000,000
1,753,271 number of  Collect and Win Game Prizes
Reward Items Reward Cost and Worth Number Of Rewards
Cash (30 year annuity) $1,000,000 3
Vacation Home $1,000,000 3
Cash or Luxury Car $100,000 15
Home Makeover $40,000 25
Vehicle of your choice $35,000 25
College Tuition $20,000 50
4-wheelers $10,000 50
Family Vacation $10,000 50
Cash $5,000 50
Groceries $5,000 50
Gas Grill & Groceries $1,500 100
LED HD TV $1,500 100
Cash $1,000 100
Grocery Gift Card $1,000 100
Laptop Computer $1,000 100
Smart Watch $300 600
Grocery Gift Card $500 350
Cash $200 750
Family Picnic $200 750
Cash $100 2,500
Grocery Gift Card $100 2,500
Grocery Gift Card $50 5,000
Cash $25 10,000
Grocery Gift Card $25 10,000
Gift Card Mall $25 10,000
Fandango Gift Card $25 10,000
Grocery Gift Card $15 25,000
Grocery Gift Card $10 37,000
Cash $10 37,000
Grocery Gift Card $5 800,000
Cash $5 800,000

Frequently Asked Questions (People Also Ask)

1. Where can I receive more information about the monopoly game?

-You can visit any of the participating stores or check out the official website for further details.

2. Are there any computer requirements to enter the codes?

-You must have JavaScript enabled on your browser and there are certain browsers like Google Chrome 72 or higher, etc that you need to use to be able to enter the codes.

3. How can I earn a Monopoly game entry ticket?

-You can get an entry ticket by purchasing or without purchasing modes that we have mentioned before in this article.

4. Why should I take part in the Monopoly game sweepstakes?

-You should take part in the Monopoly game sweepstakes as you can earn cash prizes worth $200 million and other exciting prizes.


Play Monopoly Collect & Win by Albertsons gives people an amazing opportunity to win incredible prizes worth $200 Million by playing the Monopoly game and showcasing their extraordinary gaming skills.

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