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Do you wish you had a new, stunning haircut? Have you had it in a while? Pro-Cuts, on the other hand, is unquestionably the place to go. It’s the best salon for hair treatment and grooming, especially for male athletes. Men will be in for a treat, as they will be able to mix the best of both worlds by watching a sporting event while getting their hair styled. Yes, Pro-Cuts caters primarily to men, but it also provides ladies with beauty and hair treatments such as highlights.

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Pro-Cuts Best On The Block

Pro-Cuts prices are known for their reasonable and affordable prices for the services and facilities they provide. Pro-Cuts Haircuts include Shampoo, Head & Neck Massage, and Hot Towel Treatment is a unique Pro-Cuts feature that dates back to 1980. 

Users of Wicked Local have traditionally considered pro cuts to be the greatest cut. And she has a significant clientele that is ideal for her outstanding hairstyles, hair treatments, and modest ratings

The employees working at Pro cuts Salon is friendly and dedicated to their work. The business is known for its fantastic hairstyling services and affordable Pro-Cuts Prices. Check the prices and services below if you want to know about Pro-Cuts Haircuts salon.

 Pro-Cuts Prices 2022

Pro-Cuts Prices For Hair Services


Services  Cost
Pro-Cut $18.00
Semi-Pro (18 Years Old and Under) $15.00

Pro-Cuts Haircut Prices Overview

Pro-Cuts offers both sides of pricing in its category that is Semi-Pro Cuts and Pro-Cuts.

When it comes to Pro-Cuts pricing, it appears that they have something for everyone, such as Pro-Cut. For men, a regular haircut costs $18, while for children, it costs $15. Pro-Cuts also has specials like The Extra Point, which includes a full treatment, a haircut with shampoo, and a light head and neck massage, as well as a hot towel treatment. You can also anticipate Pro-Cuts stylists to go above and above to complete your style by taming unruly, uneven eyebrows and unpredictable, entangled hair.

Pro-Cuts Hours

Monday  9 AM–8 PM
Tuesday  9 AM–8 PM
Wednesday  9 AM–8 PM
Thursday  9 AM–8 PM
Friday  9 AM–8 PM
Saturday  8 AM–7 PM
Sunday  9 AM–6 PM

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How much do they charge for Pro Cuts?

  •  For men, it will cost you $18 and for children, it will cost $15.

2.What time does Pro-Cuts open on Monday? 

  • On Monday, Pro-Cuts open from 9 mornings to 8 PM 


It’s time to do something about your wild, uncontrolled hair if you’re bored of it. A Pro-Cuts stylist can assess the texture of your hair and prescribe a volume and fullness product to your specific needs. If you plan to visit Pro-Cuts in the future, you may read about Pro-Cuts prices and services from this article.

Please visit Pro-Cuts’ official website at to schedule an appointment or for additional information.

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