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Regal nails Prices are reasonably priced and provide excellent value, as evidenced by Regal Nails‘ consistent low cost. Regis is usually in charge of Regal Nails Salon prices and salons. If you’re a busy adult who needs your nails done before or after doing errands, Regal Nails is the logical choice. 

The majority of their sites are conveniently within Walmart stores and Supercenters, making them convenient to reach when running errands or picking up groceries for the evening.

For being within Walmart, the atmosphere is remarkably serene and luxurious, and your experience will undoubtedly be relaxing. The soothing colors and modern surroundings with affordable prices as well as the relaxing and comfortable chairs will make you feel at ease.


Regal Nails Prices

Services offered 

Regal Nails is best at providing great manicures and pedicures and helping your nails look clean, healthy, and shiny.

Choose one of their pedicure services, which are performed in an ergonomic massage chair, for a soothing experience. Regal offers a range of prices depending on the color and level of service desired. The spa pedicure is a truly opulent treatment.

You can check out Regal Nail prices and services below:

Prices for Natural Nail Care :

Pedicure  $17.00
Pedicure-Men $18.00
Manicure  $10.00
Deluxe Pedicure $25.00
Deluxe Manicure  $18.00
Super Deluxe Pedicure  $28.00
Deluxe Pedicure + Manicure  $35.00
Manicure + Pedicure  $27.00
Gel Manicure color $25.00
Gel color $17.00
Little Diva Pedicure- under 12 $20.00
Little Diva Manicure- under 12 $15.00
Deluxe Pedicure Spa- This complete pedicure, also includes a sugar scrub used for exfoliation and hydrating mask.  $45.00

Prices for Solar Nails:

White or color 

Tip-Full set

White or color 


Clear Tip-Full set $40.00
Clear Tip-full $25.00
Repair-per nail $5.00
Gel coating on top $5.00

Prices for Acrylic Nails:

Clear Tip-full set $35.00
French Airbrush-full set $40.00
Pink or white full set $45.00
Clear tip-fill $22.00
French Airbrush-fill $27.00
Pink or white-fill $35.00
Gel coating on top acrylic  $5.00

Prices for Gel nails:

Clear Tip-full set $45.00
French Airbrush-full set $50.00
Two-tone with pink and white- full set  $55.00
Clear tip-fill $30.00
French Airbrush-fill $35.00
Two-tone with pink and white-fill  $40.00

Prices for additional services:

Polish change for hands $8.00
Polish change for toes  $10.00
French design  $12.00
Airbrush design  $10.00+
Nail designs  $5.0+
Nail take off $15.00
Cut down  $5.00

Prices for packages:

Manicure and French design  $23.00
Pedicure spa and French design  $35.00
Manicure and Pedicure- French on toes and nails  $55.00
White or color tip-full set solar with gel and pedicure spa $75.00
White or color tip-fill solar with gel and pedicure spa $67.00

Prices for waxing services:

Full leg $45.00
Half leg $25.00
Full arm $25.00
Half arm $18.00
Underarm $10.00
Bikini $25.00
Brazilian  $35.00
Back $30.00
Stomach  $20.00
Cheek $8.00
Eyebrow  $10.00
Lip $5.00
Hairline  $5.00
Full face  $25.00
Feet $7.00
Hands $7.00
Chin $5.00

Online booking for appointments at Regal Nails salon:

There is limited availability of purchases if you want to book online at regal nails salon. A third-party program is used to schedule regal nail appointments. 

 If you are interested in learning more about regal nails booking fees, then you contact the location. 

Regal Nails Salon and Spa:

The Regal Nails Salon & Spa franchise business was founded in 1997 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and is still headquartered there today. Because of the good services, Regal became the largest nail salon franchisor in the United States within a few years of its founding, setting the standard in our franchised salons: 

  • Innovative business models 
  • Services and products 
  • tool
  • Creating design
  • New ideas  
  • New products and services

Regal Nails working hours:

Monday  10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday  10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday  10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday  10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday  10:00 AM – 7:00 PM 
Saturday  10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday  12:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What is the regal nails price for gel coating on top acrylic? 

  • It will cost you $5.

2.What are the prices for Airbrush design? 

  • Airbrush design is around $10 in Regal Nails Salon

3.What is the price for a pedicure and manicure?

  • Pedicures prices differ since each pedicure is different and unique. Still, Regal Nails can cost anywhere between $ 17 and $45, while manicures can cost anywhere between $ 10 and $25. 
  • If you do a manicure and pedicure bundle it will cost $27, while the Regal Nails Deluxe manicure and pedicure costs $ 35.

4.Does Regal Nails salon open every day? 

  • Yes.

5.How much does Regal Nails charge for a full set? 

  • For white or color tip full set and clear tip full set Regal Nails will charge you around $40 to $45

6.Do Regal nails accept Walmart Gift Cards? 

  • Yes, Regal nails accept Walmart Gift cards.

7.Can you book an appointment for Regal Nails salon? 

  • Yes,  you can book an appointment via a third-party application.


You should be able to look good and feel best as well as anticipate great services with an amazing experience at a reasonable and decent cost. You will get all that services at Regal nails salon. You can also check out all the services and information you need in the article. The Regal nails prices shown in that article might not be the same as it is given in the table since the prices differ according to the location. If you want to confirm the prices then you can contact the Regal nail salon located near your place. 


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