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Supercuts provides some of the most decent pricing, where customers can get a broad range of services. For simple hairstyling at Supercut Prices, you can get it done at $14.00 and for the styling of your hair, you have to pay  $16.00.

Customers and guests are always welcome and are encouraged at Supercuts salon. Supercuts Salon likes everyone else to experience their salon, and they believe that the nicest way to let the customers experience their salon is to let the customer try it out. 

You can check the services and the cost below for supercuts prices, 2022.

Supercuts Prices

     Hair cut prices at supercuts:

Supercut I (haircut and hot towel refresher)  $14.00
Supercut II ( haircut, hot towel refresher, and shampoo) $16.00
Supercut III ( haircut, hot towel refresher, shampoo, and simple blow-dry) $20.00 and up
Supercut Jr. – children 12 and under $12.00
Supercut Sr, – Adults 62 and over $12.00

Prices for additional services

Shampoo $7.00
Conditioning treatment  $13.00
Tea tree Experience  $16.00
Blow-dry $15.00 and up
Styling $10.00 and up
Beard/Bang trim $6.00

Super colour prices 

Tips $35.00
Highlights  $45.00 and up
Glazing $45.00 and up

Waxing prices at supercuts

Eyebrows $8.00
Lips $6.00
Chins $6.00

Services offered at supercuts: 

At supercuts salons, you will be welcomed by staff once you enter their salon. Supercuts can please the customers with the satisfying services

Supercuts provides a variety of hair services, including men’s haircuts, women’s haircuts, children’s haircuts, colour services, and even waxing. You can get outstanding service at a decent price. As a beginning, clients are most welcome to come in for a simple haircut and hot towel refresher to get started.

Overview of 2022 Supercuts prices:

Many people like to go to the supercuts hair salon because of the reasonable prices they offer to their clients. 

The cost of a haircut at Supercuts varies on how you want your hair to be done and how much time it takes to get your hair done. The prices will be more if you want a full wash along with a haircut, but the cost will be reduced if you only want a trim. 

Hair, nails, and waxing are just a few of the services available at each Supercuts location. You need to pay according to the services you want them to do for you.

The cost for men’s haircuts is usually cheaper than women’s haircuts because cutting the hair on men’s heads takes less time than it does for women. It only costs $12 for kids and even for adults but if a client asked for additional services then it will cost you an extra $3.

Prices for a haircut:

At supercuts salon, you will have to pay $14 for haircuts and a hot towel refresher, and an extra $2 will be added if you ask them to add shampoo to your hair where it will cost you $16.00 in total. Supercuts charges $4 for a simple blow-dry and your total will be $20 combined.

Haircuts for children who are below 12 years can get their hair done at $12 and the same price for adults who are below 62 years

Additional services prices:

You will get Additional Services in six categories at Supercuts pricing. Shampooing will cost you $7.00, Conditioning Treatment services will cost you $13.00, which includes a full treatment, Tea Tree Experience costs $16.00, which is very inexpensive. Styling ranges from $ 10.00 to $6.00, with the Beard / Bang Trim costing $6.

Waxing prices at supercuts:

Eyebrows, lips, and chin are included in this category with amazing and affordable prices costing you $8.00 for eyebrows waxing, $6 for lips waxing, and the same $6 for chin waxing.

Appointment at supercuts salon:

If you are busy and want an appointment at Supercuts then you can book it via the Supercuts app. Usually, In Supercuts, you don’t need to book an appointment; you can just go directly to one of their Supercuts salons and ask for the service

The appointment option given to the customer shows how serious they are about their customers’ time.

Supercuts Salon hours:

You can check the table below to know supercuts salon working hours.

Monday 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM
Tuesday  8:00 AM- 8:00 PM
Wednesday  8:00 AM- 8:00 PM
Thursday  8:00 AM- 8:00 PM
Friday  8:00 AM- 8:00 PM
Saturday  8:00 AM- 7:00 PM
Sunday  10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What are the prices for waxing at supercuts salon?

  • For eyebrows, it will cost you $10.99, for lips waxing $8.9,9, and for chin waxing it will cost you around $8.99.

2.Is it available for hair wash at supercuts salon?

  • Yes, it is available. 

  3.How much price do supercuts charge for a haircut?

  • If you want a haircut and a hot towel refresher, they will charge you $16.49 and $21.49 for a haircut, shampoo along with a hot towel refresher.

4.How much will it cost for a super colour at supercuts?

  • For highlights, it cost $45.99 and up. $45 and up for Glazing and tips will cost you around $35.99

5.Is there any senior discount at supercuts salon?

  • No, they only provide coupons.

 6.What is a supercut 2?

  • It is a haircut where shampoo and a hot towel refreshed are added in the service.

7. Is the service good at supercuts salon?

  • Yes, the service given by supercuts is excellent with affordable prices.

8.Does the supercuts salon open every day?

  • Yes, Saturday and Sunday timing is different from other days.

9.Is the supercuts salon expensive?

  • No, they are not expensive

10.Do supercuts have an option for an appointment? 

  • Yes, you can book an appointment via the supercuts app


This article will help you to know more about supercuts salon on how they provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of their customers. If you want to know supercuts prices you can check the table and everything you need to know about supercuts services is available in the article. 

What makes them so great is that people working at supercuts salons listen to their customers when they need it, ensuring the customers that they get exactly what they want. Supercuts costs will astound you since they take excellent care of their consumers.

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