TGF Hair Salon Prices, Hours & Locations

The TGF salons are unique. The crew is kind and talented, and they like building strong relationships with their clients. As a result of this, customers will return for the specified excellent service. 

However, the professional side of the organization is just as impressive as the ethical side. As a result, TGF is able to offer a diverse choice of international cuts and patterns that are in line with current societal trends.

The salon’s credibility and skill are enhanced by its history and expansion. TGF Hair Salon has reasonable prices and is family-friendly. TGF Hair Salon also offers an unbiased service, making everyone feel welcome.

Let’s take a look at the TGF Prices and Services to see how things stack up.

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TGF Hair Salon Prices 2022

TGF Hair Salon For Adults

Haircut $13.95
Shampoo, Conditioner & Cut (Per Adult) (Starting Price) $15.95
Shampoo, Conditioner, Cut & Express Dry (Per Adult) (Starting Price) $17.95

TGF Hair Salon For Kids 10 Year Under

Shampoo, Conditioner & Cut (Per Child) $10.95
Shampoo, Conditioner, Cut & Express Dry (Per Child) $13.95

TGF Hair Salon For Other Services

Color (Starting Price) $44.95
Foil Highlights (Starting Price) $49.95
Perm (Starting Price) $44.95
Relaxer (Virgin) (Starting Price) $49.95
Specialty Style (Includes Shampoo) (Starting Price) $26.95
Style (Starting Price) $14.95
Conditioning Treatments (Price Varies) Price varies
Waxing (Price Varies) Price varies

TGF Hair Salon Hours

Days  Hours 
Mondays 10.30 AM–6.30 PM
Tuesday  10.30 AM–6.30 PM
Wednesday  10.30 AM–6.30 PM
Thursday  10.30 AM–6.30 PM
Friday  10.30 AM–6.30 PM
Saturday  10.30 AM–6.30 PM
Sunday  11:00 AM–4.30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.What is the cost of a haircut at TGF? 

  • TGF Hair Salon Prices for ADULTS are listed below. 
  • TGF Hair Salon Haircut $14.95 TGF Hair Salon Shampoo, Conditioner, and Cut $15.95 TGF Hair Salon Shampoo, Conditioner, Cut, and Express Dry $17.95

2.How much does a kid’s shampoo, conditioner, and haircut cost at TGF Hair Salon? 

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, and Cut for Kids from TGF Hair Salon costs $10.95. 

3.How much does TGF perm cost?

  • The TGF perm is priced at $44.95.

4.What is the cost of TGF Foil Highlights? 

  • The cost of TGF Foil Highlights is $49.95.


The TGF Salon Prices and Services listed above are simply estimates. Prices were acquired from a variety of sources, including online and on-site. So the Pricing for this salon brand may vary by location or may not be current. You can contact your local salon for the most up-to-date pricing if you want to visit this salon.


If you’re searching for TGF Hair Salon prices and services, you’ve come to the correct site. This salon offers a variety of services as well as exceptional customer service. 

Finding a salon that will do your hair can be difficult. This is particularly true when families move to a new city. TGF Hair Salon is the only family haircut salon in the area. There are hundreds of TGF clean salon franchisees around the United States. Changing cities does not make things easier.

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