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KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken food items in America and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. It was founded by Colonel Sanders in 1930 and is now the second-largest restaurant chain in the world after McDonald’s.

The KFC restaurant chain is spread across more than 20,000 locations in more than 150 countries globally. Of course, the company’s annual revenue is in billions as the reach of the company is throughout the world. 

The fast-food chain serves beef and chicken dishes with amazing taste and high quality which attracts a lot of customers to it. The customers enjoy the deliciousness of the food and the services that KFC’s outlets provide them with. Each non-vegetarian food item served by KFC has some uniqueness and juiciness in it and contains different ingredients that no other fast-food chain can compete with ever.

KFC aims to be the market leader by providing the best quality non-vegetarian food along with various other food items like french fries, sandwiches, desserts, beverages, rice meals, etc, at affordable prices to its customers.

KFC has launched a customer satisfaction survey to gather opinions and feedback from its customers about their overall experience with KFC. This will help KFC understand what its customers are looking for when they visit its restaurants. 

The KFC feedback survey can be taken by a customer on the survey portal dedicated for the same and it is www.yourkfc.co.uk. The participants will be required to answer a few simple questions related to KFC’s food items and services. The responses will be recorded by the company and analyzed thoroughly to formulate different strategies to improve the satisfaction levels of all the loyal customers of KFC. KFC has laid down some rules, regulations, and requirements that a participant must know, so we have talked about them here in this article.

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KFC Survey UK Details

KFC Survey UK

The KFC Feedback Survey can be taken on www.yourkfc.co.uk within 3 days of receiving a purchase bill from a KFC outlet. The survey is valid for 14 days and can be taken by only one person per receipt. The participant will get a chance to win a 20% off KFC coupon for the next order they place with KFC.

Rules for taking the KFC Feedback Survey 

Let’s start by talking about some of the rules that you need to follow while taking the KFC feedback survey. 

  1. The discount voucher offered by KFC after the feedback survey completion is meant for personal use only.
  2. The rewards redeemed by the participant cannot be sold, exchanged, or transferred in any situation.
  3. The rewards given to the survey participants must be redeemed within the given time limit for the same. 
  4. Once the participant redeems the reward, no refunds or no redeem options are available further. 

Requirements for taking the KFC feedback survey 

You must be wondering what things you require or what are the eligibility criteria for taking the KFC UK feedback survey, so let’s talk about the same now.

  1. The participant must be a resident of the UK to be eligible for taking the feedback survey. 
  2. The participant must be 18 years old or above to take the KFC feedback survey. 
  3. A participant can take part in the KFC feedback survey only one time to win a 20% off discount coupon from KFC.
  4. The KFC discount coupon cannot be redeemed as cash or in any other form.
  5. Employees of KFC or a person related to them cannot take part in the KFC UK feedback survey. 
  6. The participant must have a purchase bill from KFC.
  7. The participant must have a smartphone or a PC with internet access in possession for taking the survey. 
  8. The participant must know either Spanish or English for participating in the KFC feedback survey.

Steps to take the KFC UK Feedback Survey 

You need to follow the following process to start and complete the KFC UK Feedback Survey successfully in approximately 10 minutes and after the successful completion of the survey, you will get a 20% KFC Discount Coupon that you can redeem on your next purchase.

  1. Go to your preferred browser and open www.yourkfc.co.uk.
  2. You need to fill in the blank boxes with the KFC store number and order number present on your purchase bill. 
  3. Select the date and time of your most recent visit to a KFC outlet given on your purchase bill and click on the “Continue” button.
  4. Now, you will be asked to answer a few questions related to your most recent experience at a KFC outlet. 
  5. Choose if your last experience with KFC was a dine-in, takeaway from a drive-thru, home delivery, or a takeaway from a store.
  6. You must answer all the questions in the survey honestly and also, rate your overall satisfaction level according to your latest visit to KFC.
  7. Answer the questions related to KFC’s services, food, store cleanliness, and environment, etc and then, click on the “Next” button.
  8. Now, you will be asked to enter some of your details like your contact number so that KFC can contact you if needed. 
  9. Now, finally, click on the “Submit” button and you will receive your 20% off discount coupon code from KFC as a message.

Frequently Asked Questions (People Also Ask)

1. How much time will it take to complete the KFC feedback survey?

  • It will not take you more than 10 minutes to complete the KFC feedback survey. 

2. What is the official website of KFC?

  • You can visit KFC’s official website on www.kfc.com to learn more about the company and the food items and services it offers to the customers. 

3. What will I receive for taking the KFC UK feedback survey?

  • You will receive a 20% KFC Discount Coupon that you can redeem when you order something from KFC the next time.

4. Do I have to be a resident of the UK to participate in the KFC UK feedback survey?

  • Yes, you must necessarily be a resident of the UK to be eligible for taking the KFC UK feedback survey. 


The KFC UK Feedback Survey aims to collect feedback from its lovely customers so that it can improve its operations in totality and serve better to the people all around the UK. The customers will get a chance to win a 20% KFC Discount Coupon for free just by participating in the KFC feedback survey. 

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